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Mastodon Apps - The Next Generation

A short list of new Mastodon apps from innovative developers. Syndication

The Mastodon app dev community keeps growing. The next generation is already on their way! 🎉🎉

Mastodon: The Next Generation

This is a bit Apple heavy because I do not own any Android devices. Reply with your favorites on ANY platform and I’ll add it to the growing list!

App Name Platforms
Trunks Web, iOS, Android, MacOS
Fedigardens iOS
Ebou MacOS
Manny iOS and MacOS
ThinkSocial iOS
Sirin Apple Watch
Whalebird Windows, Mac, Linux
Semaphore Web
Megalodon Android
Mastotron Windows, Mac, Linux
Meowstodon Android
Bonfire* Web

Retro is new again

I’ve run across these Mastodon related apps that are super fun to just play around with or just read about. You can tell these devs really love what they’re doing. I’m not sure if these are NEW but they are being actively maintained.

App Name Description Platform
BREXTODON Runs in Terminal, ASCII art, etc. MVS 3.8J
Macstodon Old school Mac Classic design Runs on Mac OS 7.1 to 9.2.2
toot - Mastodon CLI client Another terminal based
client with lots of functionality
Many linux based systems
I installed with Homebrew on Mac
DOStodon I REALLY want to have this running! Hardware/VM running MS-DOS

Bird Site

Ok, this one is not Mastodon - yet anyway. But it’s sooo coool! You have to read the docs at least. Maybe put in a request to move this to Mastodon now the other site’s API is dying.

App Name Description Platform
Rainbow Stream Terminal app Mac, other Linux platforms?
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  1. @box464 thank you for this and the article, most of these apps were completely in the dark for me.