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A list of funny, interesting phone numbers to call. Syndication

Recently, my organization decided to switch our phone system to “soft phones”, meaning your work calls come in via a software app rather than having a physical phone at each desk. The pandemic obviously helped this along, but it worked so well, we decided to transition everything over and drop the physical phones altogether, even at the office.

My team had to test the system, making calls in and out to of the organization to make sure all was working as expected.

We found a great collection of silly / odd phone numbers to call. Some are a quick chuckle, others are just plain odd, and the rest are unique and engaging.

Here we go. Trust me, random internet person, I promise these numbers won’t lead you awry (at least as of April 5, 2023).

Dial-a-Story 📖

+1 416-395-5400

Toronto Public Library allows you to choose a story that they will then read to you over the phone. ❤️

Dial-a-Poem 🧑‍🎨

+1 641-793-8122

This seems to have been a cultural phenomenon in the late ’60s and ’70s. There’s an archive of many of these Dial-A-Poem numbers that existed at the time.

Dial-a-Song 🎹

+1 844-387-6962

They Might Be Giants have had a Dial-a-Song number off and on since the late ’80s.

Here and there along the Echo 🕹️

+1 270-301-5797

Related to the game Kentucky Route Zero, this is a choose your own adventure phone tree. Just keep selecting options and see where it leads!

Rick Roll 🔈

I warned you.


Originally a joke line for Cracked Magazine, but looks like they are on hiatus for a bit.

Callin’ Oates 🎵

+1 719-266-2837

Pick your favorite Hall and Oates tune.

Lunch Lady Menu Line 🧑‍🍳

MP3 - 703-648-7777

This woman brought a smile to my face every time I called the number. I even recorded a handful of her messages and put them online - and ended up with a credit on a documentary dedicated to her!

Better Call Saul 👨‍⚖️

+1 505-842-5662

A little silliness form your favorite lawyer

Stranger Things 👻

+1 618-625-8313

Murray Bauman’s answering machine

Movie Theater Announcements 🎥

+1 336-226-1488

The Graham Theater tells you what’s playing and then gives a corny joke or two.

Do you have any interesting phone numbers to add? Add your entries to my Mastodon thread and they will appear in the comments here. 😄

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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  1. @box464 I chose my phone number very painstakingly, and I have no intentions of ever giving it up. I iriginally had it through Google Voice, and then imported it to T-Mobile. Have been with T-Mo ever since.

  2. @katmmoss I've had the same number for...32 years...the area code is from a completely different city I haven't lived in for 11 years but I don't care.👴 ☎️

  3. @box464 32 years? Holy crap. That's a long time. I would imagine that you have your carrier's ID and call screening services enabled by now? I eventually ahd to; the problem with everything online asking for a phone number? You're ripe for spam up the wazoo.

  4. @katmmoss Absolutely. On all the national and local do not call registries as well. I also block any number that’s not in my contact list.

  5. @box464 I don't go that far since I do get calls from unknowns sometimes; from state agencies, mostly. But those I will pick up since I recognize the exchanges.