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The Fediverse Rabbit Hole

The trials and tribulations of Jekyll, Gem and GitHub on MacOS. Syndication

In November, I switched over to Mastodon from Twitter, and immediately found a community that ignited my interest in coding again.

I got the itch to learn more about Mastodon and it’s underlying tech stack andstarted fiddling with the Mastodon API, which of course led to learning many other things.

All that to say, I now have a lot more to talk about! 500 characters wasn’t always cutting it. This blog will provide a longer format to discuss new and exciting things with individuals outside of my dog and ever patient, non-technical spouse.

In addition, I have formed quite a Mastodon App habit - I’ve tried all of them I can get my hands on, many of which are still in alpha or beta. I plan on writing short reviews or feature promotions of the apps on this blog as well.

  • Mastodon introduced me to the Fediverse.
  • The Fediverse introduced me to ActivityPub.
  • ActivityPub introduced me to web identity protocols like webfinger and h-card.
  • Identity Protocols introduced me to the IndieWeb.

So much to learn! The web is exciting again. 😀

Fediverse Tree

Axbom - The many branches of the Fediverse

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