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My Current Favorite Podcasts

What I'm listening to these days, many from the fediverse! Syndication

Recently, I’ve been taking long car trips. Like, 10-12 hours long at a time. Music gets me pretty far, but I also have started enjoying good podcasts. I’ll actually SAVE podcasts for a trip so I can bing listen to a series all at once!

Here’s a list of some of my current favorites, in no particular order. I’m linking to websites here so you can find them on your favorite platform. Some have video versions as well. All have RSS feeds of course!

I’m sure I’m missing some, so I’ll update this list as I remember them. Would love to hear about your favorites as well!

For FediNews:



From the creators of Flipboard, this podcast is a great way to keep up with what’s happening in the fediverse. Just a few episodes in, but I’m really enjoying it so far.

Decentered from We Distribute


It’s just so great to hear the people from the fediverse, talking about the fediverse. There’s only been a couple of episodes so far, but I really enjoyed listening to the Sora developer discuss his app - such excitement and joy for their creation!

Core Intuition


A great podcast about the indie developer scene, with a focus on Apple platforms. It’s not new, but I found it recently after joining the Micro.blog bandwagon.

Miscellaneous Fedi


My own hodgepodge collection of fediverse specific episodes I’m found. If you only check out one series, I’d recommend this three part series from Libre Lounge that goes into more detail about the specifics of the ActivityPub protocol.

Nerd Stuff

I’ve found a few. Would like to find more. For me, there’s a fine line - I want to hear interesting stories about interesting people. Sometimes these types of podcasts can get too caught up in the technical details, and I lose interest. But these are good.

Geeking Out


This one is kind of serious, about software delivery and DevOps, but when I have focus, I always learn something with this one.

Waiting for Review


Learn about some great indie apps. I pretend to be an indie developer and nod along in understanding. I’m not, but I can dream. One day I’ll have an app in the App Store. One day.



The Fresh Air of nerdery. Scott Hanselman is a great interviewer, and I’ve learned a lot from his guests. Plenty of episodes to browse and find something interesting.

For Fun / Interesting Chats:

Not EVERYTHING has to be about tech and the fediverse. Right? Right? Here’s some stuff I’ve enjoyed listening along as I drive or do chores around the house and want a chuckle or a good story.

Tilly’s Trans Tuesdays


Starting out with this one and enjoying the discourse. I’m listened to the first two episodes, and it’s interesting to hear her story. You’ll laugh, get mad at the world, then laugh again.

This Might Get Weird


This has absoulutely nothing to do with the fediverse or nerdery, but I love listening to these two. They’re hilarious, and I love their friendship. I’ve been a fan of Mamrie Hart for a long time, and I’m glad they’ve found ways to stay together and continue to make me laugh.

Chaos Countdown


Just dropped! A solid first episode of a grab bag of topics. I love it when friends just get together and use a podcast as an excuse to chat. Definite This Might Get Weird vibes here.

Fresh Air


I mean, could it BE a podcast list without Fresh Air? I’ve been listening to Terry Gross for years, and I love her interviews. I don’t listen to every episode, but I’ll browse the archives and find something interesting to listen to. Whenever I hear Fresh Air start up, and it turns out NOT to be Terry doing the interview, I’m always a little disappointed.

Your Turn!

What am I missing? What are you listening to? Let me know on the fediverse! Your comments will appear here as well.

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