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Webmentions, the journey continues

Continuing my quest to pass the webmentions.rock tests and get my indieweb badge. Syndication

I’m continuing my quest to pass all the Webmention Rocks! tests and receive my badge of IndieWeb honor. In a nutshell, the IndieWeb is about owning your content. Making your site the central repository and then dispersing to other platforms from there.

One of the concepts is very fediversy/activitypubish. If I create a post and mention another person’s site or a specific article on their site, I can setup a process that lets them know their content has been noticed. It’s similar to creating a Mastodon post and directly naming someone. Let’s say @corgis@dogstodon.com writes a comment:

I saw @box464@mastodon.social post about puppies. There weren’t enough corgis.

As you are probably aware, when you are mentioned, you get a DING in your app letting you know. This is similar.

My website should also SEND responses back, so if I respond back with:

@corgis@dogstodon.com I completely agree, there can never be enough corgi photos in the world.

Then a webmention should be sent back to them.

To pass the webmention update test, I have to send a webmention to this page and verify the post is seen as “pending” when I view it.

Afterwards, I have to make a modification to this page and then verify that the new webmention was sent as well.

Let’s go.

Step 1 worked, as usual. Now on to Step 2.

Adding a link to the updated blog.

So, I cheated a bit here. My configuration with IFTT isn’t working as expected. When I update an existing post, the IFTT trigger doesn’t see it as a “new” RSS feed item, so it ignores it.

Instead, I used another IndieTool, Telegraph to set the source and target webmention requests, and it worked! After submitting the two updates, all 3 tests passed and I got the success prompt. Woot!

Image of the WebMentions.Rock! Test Page showing my glowing success passing these three tests

So I still need to figure out a process that triggers a webmention submission after a post is UPDATED or DELETED automatically - this process is just manual. At LEAST I understand the concept a bit better. Progress, I’ll take it!

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