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My new interests - the Fediverse, Mastodon and the creative IndieWeb community keep me entertained. My days are filled with .NET and other Microsoft technologies.
Discussions and photos of my dog may slip into a post now and then.

Mastodon Apps - The Next Generation

The Mastodon app dev community keeps growing. The next generation is already on their way! 🎉🎉 Mastodon: The Next Generation This is a bit Apple heavy because I do not own any Android devices. Repl...

Spoutible - Initial Thoughts

This post has been updated to include new information regarding the Bot Sentinel feature that was announced on March 1, 2023 via Twitter. Instead of pointing out all of the cracks we know exis...

Webmentions, the journey continues

I’m continuing my quest to pass all the Webmention Rocks! tests and receive my badge of IndieWeb honor. In a nutshell, the IndieWeb is about owning your content. Making your site the central reposi...

Testing Webmentions

My first attempt worked, but I noticed that my avatar wasn’t included in the webmention. Adding just a couple of webmentions to this post after making a change to my h-card. Reference this post f...